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My second of four years performing in The Hidden Hedge at the Blissfields Festival with guitarist extroardinaire Dan Housego. Great times thanks to the help of all involved.

Free CD given away at Blissfields Festival. Contains a special mashup of all things wub!

Aborted musical soiree idea

Could not have been more delighted with the review of 'Chroniclers' in Prog magazine - and by none other than music journo legend Kris Needs no less! Listen in as The Wubworld Band rehearse 'Debate'.

Posters for Railway gig's

Listen to my early musical experiments. Mostly given out to friends and family they were not meant for public consumption though I enjoyed presenting them as professionally as possible. Each album is represented here by an approximately 6 minute long audio file. Some tracks have made it to my official releases and yet more may still do so.

The last album is a mash up of other peoples work. Not something I do too often but it is great fun and helps me if I get a little frustrated with one of my own pieces. The music playing is not as stated but newer pieces mashed over the last couple of years.