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Having explored the world of wub through live sets, VJ sets at Blissfields Festival and an album launch at The Arthouse in Southampton, my neurological disorder started to play its part and forced me to re-think how I might continue to present my music and visuals. For a time I considered 'retiring' gracefully from a barely begun career, but it was suggested to me that a band format might spread the burden of performing live and allow me to continue a little longer.

So I put a call out for musicians and was lucky enough to have two exciting players get in touch. Guitarist Mark Holmes, whose lock tight rhythm playing keeps the music on track when it feels like its going to disintegrate while his blistering solos and melodies turn your head.

Regular rehearsals and a desire by all of us to push the music further through improvisation has given me a dream scenario - a working band enthused and informed by years of experience, performing and stretching a music borne from a world without borders,the dystonic landscape that is wubworld.

Saxophonist and Percussionist Mike Blatchford, whose intuitive saxophone playing somehow lays bare what until now I had only heard in my head, whilst his percussion playing slips into the groove of Mark's guitar and drives the whole thing forward as I had always dreamed it would.